We must be in politics for the right reason

I wish to reiterate that we have chosen to be in politics to play our part in building up this nation, to ensure that our country Malaysia will remain true to the principles upon which it was founded and which are enshrined in the 1963 Federal and State Constitution.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Malaysia Day

It has been a month after the 46th anniversary of our nation, Malaysia. But I think it is not too late yet to wish all Malaysians a Happy Malaysia Day. Afterall more and more of us now are greeting each other “Salam 1 Malaysia”.

The Momogun Society of Malaysia, an organisation set up by Sabahans in Kuala Lumpur will be having their Malaysia Day celebration this Saturday, October 17th. I would like to congratulate them for organising such a gathering to celebrate the birth of our nation. I am happy to see that Sabahans in Kuala Lumpur are playing their role in making Malaysia Day an event to be remembered and celebrated.

My stand on the issue of Malaysia Day is public knowledge. I have talked and made statements about it several times before, including last month when journalists asked me again.

It is historical fact that The Federation of Malaysia was formed on 16 September 1963 when the Federation of Malaya, Singapore, Sarawak and Sabah mutually agreed to become a new nation.

Malaysia, therefore, is only 46 years old. The 52 years of independence is only for the Persekutuan Tanah Melayu or better known today as Semenanjung.

Some have tried to equate our position to that of the United States of America. They argue that although other states like Hawaii joined much later, the country dates its formation as 4th July 1776. Ours is of course very different because before 1963 there was no Malaysia yet. There was only the Federation of Malaya and this federation together with Singapore, Sarawak and Sabah negotiated to set up a new country called Malaysia.

While we are happy to celebrate with Semenanjung their independence from colonial rule on 31st August 1963, I am sure all of you will agree that it is indeed right and proper that all Malaysians celebrate this year 46 years of nationhood.

We cannot distort history. Some national leaders seem to give the impression that Malaysia was born on August 31st, 1957. The level of awareness among Malaysians in Semenanjung on the formation of Malaysia is lower than those in Sabah and Sarawak, so much so they believe Malaya or Semenanjung is Malaysia.

History is fact. We are proud of our country. That is why we do not want history to be distorted. We want all young Malaysians to learn their history and be proud of it.

I am, and we in Upko are supportive of any move to declare 16th September as a national holiday. We have been proposing the idea to the Federal Government and we will continue pursuing for it.


  1. Tan Sri,

    Great to have your thought here.

    Being a Sabahan myself, I fully agree with you that our history is being distorted. I remembered when I was in school days, our history book taught us that Sabah and Sarawak gained their independence by joining Malaysia, which is not true. Sabah and Sarawak gained their independence first before helped to form Malaysia together with Malaya and Singapore.

    In fact, there is an opinion that suggest Malaysia would never been formed should Sabah withdraw from the Inter-Governmental Committee meeting. Donald Stephens, the President of Upko chaired the committee and even he was the one who announced the declaration of Malaysia in Jesselton on September 16, 1963.

    I support your party in your quest to declare September 16 as a national holiday. We need to teach Malayan people especially Umno.

    Keep up the great job, sir. We are behind you.

  2. ...the state of Hawaii joined to become a part of the United States of America. In the case of Sabah...declared as a sovereign nation on the 31st of August 1963 after many years being ruled under the forces of British colonialism...humbled and sacrificed her much-sought independence towards the making of Malaysia on the 16th of September 1963.

    Banjaran Titiwangsa is not the backbone of the Malaysia Federation...nor had it been Singapore as first thought by the Cold War political strategists whom then held the thoughts that Malaya was the last bastion to breakdown the advances of Communism which was at that time marching, raging as a burning wildfire set to inflame the Far East with is ideology.

    And Sukarno boasted of being able "to shake the whole world when given a 100 young and dedicated men!"...after sleeping many nights under the auspices of Khrushchev's Moscow...hence the reddish thought of "Konfrontasi" came into being. A communist-riddled conspiracy to absolutely paint the whole of South East Asia in Red with the songkok-wearing Sukarno as a human-front.......

    Sabah...or to be more precise...together with Sarawak saved the pride of Malaya and the politics of the western world in the Cold War era from losing out to Khrushchev and Mao's advances by "mutually agreeing with Great Britain, Malaya, Singapore and "unseen agents" of the US then President JFK" to set up a defensive wall to be named as Malaysia to thwart attempts by the advancing Communists from further painting the world in red!

    ...in summary...without Sabah and Sarawak...Malaya would have have been "dust!" And having us to observe the 31st of August 1957...the day Malaya gained independence from the British...is tantamount to neo-colonialism! That date is meaningless to East Malaysians simply because "we didn't join to become states within the Malaysia Federation" but humbled ourselves in order to save the failures of Malaya...now and then!

    ...and to make Malaysia a greater nation...let's have the social, political and economics elements of the nation be distributed absolutely equal between West and East Malaysia!

    Mahathir once suggested the office of Sabah's Chief Ministership be rotated...and how about rotating Malaysia's Premiership ...di antara Malaya dan Malaysia Timur?

    ...well, just a thought here...

    September 16th Baby Boy,
    King Cup s/o Nche Matahari,
    Lord of the Miring,
    Kingdom of Buhavan.

  3. Tan Sri,

    Being able to share your thoughts and opinion regarding current issues is indeed great. I am happy that finally I am able to respond and share my thoughts and opinion too.

    I totally agree with you that Malaysia is only 46 years old born on 16 September, 1963. I believe that some leaders or perhaps most from semenajung are very much aware of the truth but refuse to admit.

    Therefore we cannot aford to be silent if history are distorted especially now, while we have the opportunity to correct it. UPKO leaders are not YES men.

    I am glad that you have made the right choice to lead UPKO. Please continue your good work in defending the rights of our people. You have our support.

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